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Registered Massage Therapy In Brentwood Bay

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What is Registered Massage Therapy?

Registered Massage therapy is the manipulation of soft tissues of the body including muscles, connective tissue, tendons, ligaments and joints. Massage therapy is a clinically-oriented healthcare option that helps alleviate the discomfort associated with every day occupational stresses, muscular over-use and many chronic pain conditions.

What can Massage Therapy treat?

  • Neck and back pain

  • Headaches

  • Soft Tissue Injuries

  • Sport recovery

  • Nerve Entrapment

  • Sciatica

  • Carpal Tunnel

  • Shoulder Tension

  • Shoulder Injuries

logo brentwood chiropractic group
logo brentwood chiropractic group

Fee Schedule

45min Registered Massage Therapy


60min Registered Massage Therapy


90min Registered Massage Therapy


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