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Chiropractic Treatment: Research Review: Return To Play Following Sports Injury

RTP Ardern (2016) – 2016 Consensus statement on return to sport from the First Word Congress in Sports Physical Therapy, Bern

- Defining Return to Sport

o The minimum information required to define RTS is: the sport and the level of participation the athletes aims to return to.

o RTS is a continuum comprising three elements

▪ Return to participation

▪ Return to sport

▪ Return to performance

o In certain situations, the RTS decision may be reversed to a removal from sport decision

o The RTS decision should be shared among all stakeholders (except in the case of health risk to the athlete)

- Models to help understand and guide the Return to Sport Process

o The Strategic Assessment of Risk and Risk Tolerance (StARRT) framework – guiding the RTS decision

o Biopsychosocial model – addressing the best interests of the athlete

o Optimal loading – the Goldilocks approach

▪ Using the acute:chronic workload ratio for rehabilitation

o Considering the biological, psychological and social factors influencing the RTS decision and transition can assist the clinician to optimally contribute to the shared RTS decision

o The composition of, and roles within the decision making team should be determined as early as possible

o Members of the RTS decision-making team should be prepared to regularly share information among all relevant stakeholders

o Regular assessments and review of goals should be scheduled - What evidence do we have to inform the clinician’s contribution to the shared Return to Sport decision?

o Closed skill testing and open skill testing

o Physical readiness

o Psychological readiness

- Groin

o Decreased adduction strength associated with injury

- Achilles tendon rupture

o 4-5 months recovery for return to sport

- Achilles tendinopathy

o Those who do a structured protocol are less likely to have a relapse

Buckthorpe (2019) – Update on functional recovery process for the injured athlete: return to sport continuum redefined

- 3 Elements of the return to Sport Continuum

o Return to participation

o Return to sport

o Return to performance

Dijkstra (2016) – Return to play in elite sport: a shared decision-making process - Shared-decision making

o Choice: making the athlete and coach aware that reasonable options exist

o Option: providing more detailed information about the different option

o Decision: guiding the athlete and coach to consider their preference and decide what is best

- Shared-decision making improves satisfaction and reduces decisional conflict in healthcare

- The healthcare professional’s role is objective – to accurately inform the athlete and coach about health status and risk. The athlete and coach ultimately evaluate the information and make a decision about RTP

Taberner (2019) – Progressing rehabilitation after injury: consider the ‘control-chaos continuum’

- High control

o Aims: Return to running with high control over running speeds/loads, low musculoskeletal impact forces, building player confidence

-Moderate control

o Aims: introduce change of direction with the ball, reduce control (somewhat controlled chaos) and high speed running progression

- Control to chaos

o Aims: introduce football specific weekly structure to overload game-specific demands reflecting a transition from control to chaos (inclusion of limited volume of movements with unanticipated actions)

- Moderate chaos

o Aims: increase high speed running under moderate chaos (unpredicted movements, minimal limitations), with the addition of pass and move and specific patterns of play drills

- High chaos o Aims: Return the player to relative weekly training demands and include drills designed to test worst-case scenarios (high speed, high chaos)


Dr. Mike Hadbavny

Chiropractor, Sports Sciences Resident RCCSS(C)

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