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Saanichton Chiropractic Group: Canada Winter Games 2023 Prince Edward Island

Updated: May 25, 2023

Dr. H is out of office until March 7th working as part of the sponsored medical team for the Canada Winter Games in PEI

Looking forward to treating and meeting athletes from all over Canada!

The 2023 Canada Winter Games will be held in the province of Prince Edward Island (PEI).

This is a huge event for the small island and is set to be the biggest sporting event the province has seen in its history. The Canada Winter Games are held every four years and are a multi-sport event for young athletes from each province and territory in Canada. The games feature a variety of winter sports from figure skating to ice hockey, and curling to alpine skiing.

This year, PEI will be hosting the games for the first time, and it’s sure to be an event to remember. The PEI 2023 Canada Winter Games will take place from February 18th to March 5th, and will feature over 2,400 athletes from across the country. This is a great opportunity for the province to showcase its incredible talent, and it’s sure to be a great event for spectators and athletes alike.

The PEI 2023 Canada Winter Games will be held in the province’s capital, Charlottetown. This is a great location as it’s just a short drive away from many of the island’s best ski hills, snowmobile trails, and ice arenas. This means that athletes can easily travel to and from the venues they need to compete in, while spectators can easily take in the events.In addition to the competition, the PEI 2023 Canada Winter Games will also be host to a variety of cultural activities. This will give spectators and athletes the chance to learn more about PEI’s unique culture and history, as well as giving them the opportunity to experience the best that the province has to offer.

The PEI 2023 Canada Winter Games are sure to be a great experience for everyone involved. Whether you’re an athlete, a spectator, or just a fan of winter sports, the event is sure to be one to remember. So, mark your calendars for February 18th and get ready for an unforgettable experience!


Dr. Mike Hadbavny

Saanichton Sports Chiropractor FRCCSS(C)

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