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Chiropractor Near UVIC, Dr. Mike Hadbavny Helps Students Close To The University of Victoria

student at UVIC

Being A Student At UVIC Can Be Challenging

Being a student at UVIC can be challenging and stressful. Endless hours of lectures in uncomfortable halls, note-taking, all-night study sessions and deadlines, inactivity, and perhaps the worst of all- the pressure to perform while being constantly tested and scrutinized.

All of these stresses can accumulate and take a toll on the body and mind, and result in a number of health issues and symptoms. Quite commonly these can be include issues like: Neck pain,  tension, headaches, migraines, mid back pain, low back pain, hip stiffness, wrist/shoulder/elbow pain, insomnia, digestive issues, irritability. These are simply the physical and mental demands we put on ourselves as students.

Chiropractor Close To UVIC

While there is little that can be done to actually avoid the long hours, studying and stresses of being a student at UVIC there are things that can be done to help manage these stresses and help you to be at your best. Chiropractic care is one of these things, and local Victoria chiropractor Dr. Mike Hadbavny, close to the University of Victoria is there to help you out.

The issues and symptoms listed previously and more are problems that the majority of patients come into our office seeking help with. We use a wide range of therapies and modalities to help reduce the pain, and symptoms

If you are a UVIC student or have friends and family at UVIC who are currently struggling from pain or health issues as discussed above we are happy to help. Majority of students have chiropractic health care coverage through the UVIC student society. Contact us at 250 881 7881 to see how we can help you today or book an appointment online today.


Dr. Mike Hadbavny

Chiropractor, Sports Sciences Resident RCCSS(C)

If you are interested in learning more about how chiropractic care can be effective for your particular condition or health goals, contact Dr. Mike Hadbavny at 250-881-7881 today to make an appointment and discover the many benefits of seeing a chiropractor in Victoria, BC. Contact us today.

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