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Chiropractic Treatment: What Kind of Exercise Should I Do?

This is a question I get asked regularly at my practice as a chiropractor in Victoria BC located at the Murray Chiropractic Group and the easy answer is “it depends”. Depends on what? It depends on how old you are, what your fitness level is like previous experience but most importantly it depends on what your goals are. Any exercise program should be specific to your particular goals and aspirations and therefore there is no one size fits all exercise programs. I do have some thoughts and ideas about what types of exercises are available to us here in Victoria and Saanich.

If you are over 40

If you are over 40 your goals and sensibilities around exercise are probably different then when you were younger and in your 20’s. The time you have to devote to exercise is maybe less than when you were younger but you recognize that the importance of making time is necessary to keep things moving. f this sounds like you, then like me, you want to get the best return on your time and effort investment. To do this there are some basic guidelines that I follow for my own personal exercise regime. These may work for you or they may not, depending on your specific circumstances.

Have both resistance and HIIT training in your program.

HIIT training stands for High Intensity Interval Training and over the past several years it has become the go-to recommendation for exercise for those over 40 and for those who are interested in modifying or maintaining a leaner body composition. There are several ways to structure a HIIT style of workout but the thing they all have in common are short burst periods of difficult to very difficult of activity followed by a period of rest or recovery. Majority of workouts coming from social media and online are HITT style workouts for the best “bang for your buck”. The nice thing about this formula is that it doesn’t matter what your 60 seconds of exercise is. Running 60s on 60s off no problem, Stairs? Yup, how about lunges? Sure thing. Almost any exercise can be incorporated in the HIIT formula to give yourself a full body workout.

Stay Home

Sometimes this is the only option if life is busy and it can be hard to schedule a workout. With covid-19 as well there are restrictions on classes, and booking gym times. So, what to do? Put the kids to bed and watch an exercise video? I don’t have as much experience with home exercise programs as I do with getting out to the gym but there are an abundance of classes, videos, and options all over YouTube and social media. As with any new exercises, take your time incorporating them, and don’t push beyond your limits

Where can I go locally to exercise?

In Victoria and Saanich, we are spoiled for choices on where we can go to exercise. There are lots of places and I am certainly not familiar with them all so this list is by no means exhaustive.

This is a list of local options that I am personally familiar with and by that, I mean places I have spent time working out within.


With the weather improving and the temperatures rising many people are turning to the outdoors for their workouts. Victoria, Saanich, and the surround Greater Victoria area have a multitude of world class options for trail running, walking and cycling. With options like portable kettlebells, TRX ropes, and Olympic rings, you can take your workout equipment on the go and enjoy the fresh air while getting your workout in.

Anytime Fitness, Goodlife Fitness, Steve Nash Fitness

These are nice clean facilities located all over Victoria, Saanich, and Sydney. They have everything that you need to get a great workout in from resistance training, cardio, and classes

Commonwealth Pool

As far as city facilities go this is a pretty good one. Lots of options between exercise rehabilitation, massage therapy, physiotherapy, cardiac rehabilitation, aquatic exercise therapy (unavailable at this time) and nutritional consulting (unavailable at this time)

Where you go is not nearly as important as just getting started. Resistant exercises and HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) style workouts can be, and should be challenging for you! Make sure you consult and discuss with a health care provider before starting any type of intense exercise. But once start you won’t look back because you will be too busy doing the activities you want to do and feeling great doing it.

We recognize that you have a choice of who you trust with your Chiropractic care and would like to thank you for placing your trust and confidence in myself Dr. Mike Hadbavny at Murray Chiropractic Group. We are happy to discuss your healthcare goals, and see how a chiropractor in Victoria BC could help you reach them.


Dr. Mike Hadbavny

Chiropractor, Sports Sciences Resident RCCSS(C)

If you are interested in learning more about how chiropractic care can be effective for your particular condition or health goals, contact Dr. Mike Hadbavny at 250-881-7881 today to make an appointment and discover the many benefits of seeing a chiropractor in Victoria BC. Contact us today.

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